Welcome To The Nose Clinic

Dr. Poens van der Merwe is our in-house surgeon. He is a well-known Nose, Throat and Ear Specialist in the Cape Town area.

Dr Poens van der Merwe


Field of Interest: Functional, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Nasal Surgery.

Dr. Poens did intensive training in Europe, UK, U.S.A. as well as local in-house hands-on training with a renown surgeon.

Does the shape and function of your nose influence your quality of life?

The nose is an important feature of one’s facial appearance. It can either attract or distract attention. Your nose can give you the necessary confidence and self esteem or cause the opposite.

It is not necessary to have your quality of life influenced by an unattractive nose or by nasal dysfunction causing health problems.

Incorrect Nasal Airflow Can Cause

Sleep Disturbances


Mouth Breathing

Throat Complaints

Post Nasal Drip

Incorrect nasal airflow can cause sleep disturbances (snoring, sleep apnoea); tiredness (malaise); mouth breathing (with dry mouth and lips); throat complaints (dry and sore throat); and post nasal drip (with irritating throat clearing)

The nose must have a good appearance (aesthetic qualities) and function correctly (have correct airflow).


Each patient is an individual with her/his own specific desires regarding the look and functions of the nose. Each patient has the right to a good quality of life.

There is an "ideal nose" for every individual. It must suit your face.

Function of the nose must never completely be sacrificed for looks. Thus, each patient’s requests are addressed personally and individually.


  • Dr Poens van der Merwe changed my life!

    Testimonial from M.R.
  • Again I met a calm, gentle and courteous doctor, who declared that I was healing nicely and that my breathing problems, dry throat and mouth as well as my snoring would be a thing of the past. How right he was!

    Testimonial from B.W.