A word from Dr Poens vd Merwe

I love Cape Town and also my field of work that I have been doing since 1980. I lead a good balanced life. I have a great family life with all my daughters now having moved out of house and married and have their own homes. We have a wonderful circle of friends as I have been around in Cape Town since 1962 obtaining all my medical degrees at Stellenbosch University. I gained further knowledge and experience by attending various hands on courses throughout the world.

We take a great interest in outdoor activities, walking, keeping ourselves fit, bird watching, etc. I have various hobbies including photography, philately, reading and music.

I find that I have to keep myself fit to be able to do this demanding intensive type of surgery when needed. I really do find my work very interesting and gain a great amount of satisfaction from my work especially from the results I achieve and the joy the patients express when sharing in the good results of the work.

The aesthetics and function of the nose remain a great priority to me.

I certainly hope that you will visit my practice if you have the need to see me and discuss your nasal needs with me.