About Us

Dr. Poens van der Merwe is our in-house surgeon. He is a well-known Nose, Throat and Ear Specialist in the Cape Town area.

His special field of practice is in functional, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the nose (and sinuses). He did intensive training in Europe, UK, USA, as well as hands-on training in a nose clinic in Pretoria.

He states that it is not generally known that malaise (tiredness), snoring and sleep apnoea have a possible direct relation to the function and shape of the nose. The nose also filtration, humidification and warming of air that is inhaled.

Incorrect nasal airflow can cause mouth breathing, (dry mouth and lips), sore throats, post nasal drip (irritating throat clearing), headaches, and "sinus" related symptoms with/without a blocked nose feeling. Sense of smell/taste can also be affected.