Testimonial from B.W.

I had a consultation with Dr Poens van Der Merwe, because for some time I was suffering with a blocked nose, difficulty in breathing and as a result breathing through my mouth especially when sleeping. This in turn caused me to snore and too often awake several times in the night with a sore and dry throat.

In his consulting room I met a calm, gentle and kind doctor who gave me a thorough examination, after which he diagnosed the problem and explained to me what needs to be done to resolve the issue. He said a small procedure which can be done in a day clinic with a local anaesthetic is all that is required. A few days later I presented myself at the Monte Vista Day Clinic where I was met by a professional team who admitted me, prepared me for surgery and then I was seen by the relevant doctors before being taken to theatre.

I remember nothing of the surgery, but do remember waking up in the ward with a nose that I could feel, had been worked on. I was subsequently seen again by the relevant doctors who declared that I had recovered well and that I could go home.

Sometime later I saw Dr Poens for a post operation follow up. Again I met a calm, gentle and courteous doctor, who declared that I was healing nicely and that my breathing problems, dry throat and mouth as well as my snoring would be a thing of the past. How right he was! Thank you Dr Poens.