Testimonial from M.R.

Dr Poens van der Merwe changed my life! At the age of 39 years I was diagnosed by the Sleep Clinic with mild/severe sleep apnoea (at that stage I stopped breathing 19.5 times an hour). The proposed solution was that I would have to use a CPAP machine for the rest of my life!! This was not acceptable, and we started looking for another solution. With Google search we came across the name of Dr Poens van der Merwe and made an appointment.

He immediately put us at ease and it felt as though we had been family friends for years. He attentively listened to my history, and I felt that his time was completely devoted and focussed on me and my problem. He diagnosed the cause of my apnoea and explained it to me with the help of clinical photographs he took during the consultation. The many years of his experience were clear to me. I trusted his opinion and diagnosis as he took me step by step through the diagnostic part as well as the proposed solution, and what I could expect.

He phoned me the night before the procedure and reassured me. He again phoned me the day after the procedure to make sure that everything was in order. Within a month after the procedure/operation in a day clinic, I got sufficient oxygen flow at night and could breathe normal through my nose. My soft palate lifted and my uvula has been much reduced in size. I have much more energy, and my husband now enjoys a good night’s sleep, since I do not snore any more!

Dr Van der Merwe further took care of my allergy and sinus problem, by prescribing his special nose douche.

He also operated on both my parents as well as several friends – who hail him as expert doctor and as a wonderful person. We jokingly refer to him as the Maestro!